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FIX Protocol is a well established messaging standard developed specifically for the real-time electronic exchange of securities transactions. We offer FIX Protocol based connectivity services using most widely used 3rd party FIX engines, including the open source QuickFIX FIX Engine. We have successfully completed several projects using FIX and FIX/FAST protocols.

Using the FIX Protocol, we have created

  • Custom exchange connections, and custom feed handlers based on FIX and FIX/FAST.
  • Back Office Drop Copy Connections to the CME Group, CBOE, ICE and others.
  • Connections to ISVs such as Trading Technologies’ FIX Adapter
  • Custom connections to brokerages from proprietary trading software
  • Optimized FIX software
  • Implemented difficult transactions including customized spreads and algos over FIX

We are experts in FIX Connectivity and Certification processes, having helped many trading firms. We have contributed to FIX Protocol Ltd. and Market Data Optimization working groups.