Edge Financial Technologies Depth of Market Screen

Your Edge Trading System for Bespoke Integrations

Lean efficient trading systems with fast execution provide you a Trade Execution Edge. In the search for speed traders have demanded lean, efficient trading interfaces with fast trade execution. The Edge Trading System brings low latency interfaces, low latency gateways, and high performance algo capabilities to the futures trader.


The Edge Trading System is integrated with the CME Globex. However, this system is only deployed as part of a larger consulting project where it is regularly integrated with other ISV trading systems, Broker Dealer Order Management Systems, or HFT algorithmic trading.

Front End

  • Depth of market windows
  • One-click order placement
  • Fast contract navigation
  • Fast order cancellations

High Performance Exchange Gateways

  • Optimized Exchange Order Routing, Processing, and Resiliency
  • Optimized market data subscriptions, access, and delivery
  • Optimized to server and application technology for multi-CPU, multi-core machines
  • Kernel bypass technology to lower latency
  • Optimized data access and recovery

Order Execution & State Management

  • Immediate and Accurate order transaction feedback
  • Optimized exchange channels
  • Crossing avoidance
  • Highly efficient order state management

Pre-Trade Risk Controls

  • Embedded risk controls and risk management functionality
  • Fat finger and position check limits

Audit Trail and Reporting

  • Full log files compatible with CME format
  • Detailed audit log access via a database


Our ultra-low latency experience is the foundation of the Edge Trading System resulting in a trading system that is stripped down to its fastest, most efficient, most reliable components that meet the need of the professional trader. The importance of providing the trader with faster access is often the difference between profit and loss.

  • Fully documented C++ and C# APIs
  • Compatible OS: Windows, Linux