Case Study 4 – Algorithmic Trading Software Firm

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Edge Financial Technologies

Client Profile:

Software company that is developing an algorithm based solution for traders.


The company was looking for a way to connect their algorithmic trading application to multiple exchanges in a quick and cost effective manner.


Edge Financial Technologies’ team developed a solution to connect client’s system to Trading Technologies’ FIX Adapter (FIX API) to allow access to all exchanges that TT offers access to. This method of connecting provided multiple benefits.

  1. It allowed client to connect to multiple exchanges quickly.
  2. The solution was created with the industry standard FIX protocol. FIX offers the flexibility to connect to exchanges directly or to another vendor(such as PATS, RTS, ORC) who also offer FIX based interfaces.
  3. The solution was created in a short time resulting in cost savings and faster time to market.