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Edge Financial Technologies provided trading and order matching solutions to Ketchum Trading that were exactly what we had asked for. The Edge team possess in depth knowledge of the trading industry and technologies related to them. They are easy to work with, and a valued resource.

Craig HellmanCTO, Ketchum Trading

Edge Financial Technologies built a risk management solution for us. The solution was customized to meet AMP’s risk management and compliance needs and integrated into our existing systems. Edge team is easy to work with. I highly recommend them.

Dan CulpOwner, AMP Global Clearing

Edge Financial Technologies has done a fantastic job on several projects for FIA Tech. Their expertise in understanding existing applications and optimizing them was very valuable. The Edge Financial team has deep understanding of trading systems and technologies.

James WoodsCTO, FIA Tech

As a short term macro catalyst trader, two of the biggest challenges I face in this endeavor is managing the risk and being able to compete against the slew of algos during these highly volatile times.

For this reason I retained Edge Financial Technologies services to build a highly custom, order execution and risk management system based on the years of experience I have trading around these key events. The ability to better manage risk by automating a large part of this process gives me peace of mind in being able to trade a more expansive array or markets. Edge Financial’s expertise and work ethic brought my ideas to fruition. They truly understand the use of technology to help an individual harness alpha.

John Netto, M3 CapitalFounder of The Protean Trader, LLC

Edge Financial Technologies helped me greatly with the creation of a TT based custom application. I have worked extensively with the Edge Financial team. They have tremendous expertise in trading strategy development, and low latency systems development.

Brian ShermanTrader

Edge Financial Technologies have created a truly disruptive technology with their unique trading tools. They offer an elegant interface with superior order routing technology, at a reasonable price. Their platform is well-designed, easy to access, and delivers on performance every time. After extensive testing and evaluation, we selected Edge to be our technology partner in algorithmic trading. We found Edge team to be creative problem solvers and attentive to our needs. We consider Edge Financial to a trusted technology partner.

Rob BaxterAlgo Trader

The Edge Financial team is able to produce exactly what they promises at a fair cost. Edge team were a pleasure to work with and I will definitely go back to Edge for more customized application development. My application works pretty much exactly how I imagined. I couldn’t be happier!

Adam SheldonFounder of Bionic Trader Systems, Gold Trader