In software development, one great developer is equal to 10 average developers.  At Edge Financial Tech, we like to hire and retain the best.

Here are a few ways we can work with you:

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Team image

Dedicated team engagement model

Dedicated Teams outsourcing model.  Exclusive, long-term business relationships.
You need a specific set of skills, and project demands tolerate no compromise on proficiency level.
Perhaps a new business opportunity demands you supplement your team, but in-house competent resources can’t be hired overnight.  You need a fair-priced quick-fix, but the task also calls for reliability and speed benefits of outsourcing, with the transparency, flexibility and control advantages of your own in-house team.
Team members become aligned with your company culture and vision, and work together with your team to achieve project goals.
You get the flexibility to assign tasks directly to the dedicated outsourced team or work with Edge’s managers to assign tasks and track progress.

Time and Material

Time & Material Image

Time and Material Engagement Model

When requirements are not clearly defined, but getting development started is essential, Time and Material model is ideal.
You can add manpower to your existing development team or assign one of our expert developers as a dedicated resource to work on your project.  Hourly rates are pre-determined and time spent on your project is logged to provide transparency.

Fixed Budget

Fixed Cost Engagement Model image

Fixed Cost Engagement Model

When the project outcome is clearly defined in measurable business and technical requirements, Fixed Budget projects make the most sense.  In a Fixed Budget project, the project scope, features, and timeframes are defined and it is assumed that no changes are to be expected.

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