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The advanced technology of KillSwitchPlus consists of an intelligent network of agents, and a central hub that monitors and controls trading activity at all times:

  • Understands the trading strategy and profiling the major risk points
  • Determines the timing, location, and specifics of which trading activity to be stopped
  • Processes the actions to be taken prior and after the “kill Switch” is triggered
  • Generates the reporting required for audit trail purposes

The main benefits of using KillSwitchPlus are:

  • Account Profiling: KillSwitchPlus has the ability to profile account usage of margin, P&L, and positions based on historical information. The profiling module provides valuable data to the firm to assist in evaluating the risk tolerance and setting the appropriate triggers that present major risk to the firm
  • Smart: The outdated model of relying on human intervention to trigger a “kill Switch” has been proven unreliable. The KillSwitchPlus solution has embedded artificial intelligence to quickly and efficiently evaluate every single order and trade to decide what the next step is. The solution can be distributed to both FCMs and Trading firms for timely notifications and increased visibility.
  • Holistic: KillSwitchPlus is integrated into popular ISVs, and across exchanges. It provides a consolidated view of trading activity across multiple platforms to both the trading firm and the FCM.
  • Scalpel like Precision: While most other risk systems in the marketplace would cut the pipe between a trading system and the exchange, KillSwitchPlus offers the ability to block only the offending account using a specific ISV and trading a specific exchange; allowing other customer accounts to continue trading.
  • Liquidation: KillSwitchPlus has a unique offering that allows cancellation of orders and liquidation of positions across 30+ global exchanges.
  • Reporting: KillSwitchPlus has a powerful audit trailing mechanism. It can generate various reports for compliance and risk purposes.