Edge Trading System (ETS) offers the ability to trade automatically via automated trading strategies (black box) or via screen trading. ETS’s high performance gateways provide a fast, reliable, and customizable market access to global markets.

Front End

  • Depth of market windows
  • One-click order placement

Pre-Trade Risk Controls

  • Embedded risk controls and risk management functionality
  • Fat finger and position check limits

High Performance Gateways

  • Optimized to take advantage of newer multi-CPU, multi-core machines
  • Kernel bypass technology to lower latency
  • Support for A and B to ensure quick data recovery
  • Advanced filtering capabilities to lower latency: Support for filtering by channel, sub channel, product group, and contracts

Audit Trail and Reporting

  • Full log files compatible with CME format
  • Detailed audit log access via a database


  • Fully documented C++ and C# APIs
  • Compatible OS: Windows, Linux