CQG API Development Experience

We measure time to functionality. 

We measure success of your FINTECH applications.

The biggest bugs in any software are not part of the source code. They are in the mind of the programmer. Failure to understand the business transaction almost always is the most expensive bug.

As a Futures and options professional you know that CQG has the platform that provides you with:

  • Market Data
  • Exchange Order Processing Connectivity
  • Account Information
  • Charting
  • Analytics
  • Historical DataCQG API Experience

The CQG APIs are complex. Choosing the correct API, setting up your trading, reconciliation, or risk management system feeding and being fed by the diverse CQG APIs is something that will take valuable time.

Edge Financial Technologies measures time and technology differentlyWe measure time to functionalityWe measure success of your FINTECH applications.

What is the time to functionality? The time to functionality is the time when the user of the technology actually receives acceptable functionality from the program. Programmers are plentiful. They exists on the internet and are available to be hired from many sources.

Programmers who know trading, and market data, and investment algorithms are a much rarer breed. This is where Edge Financial Technologies excels. Our team understands the technology and the business. We bring that experience along with fully functioning components to any bespoke application development project to allow you to achieve faster time to market for your FINTECH project.

Our experience with the CQG APIs includes

  • Custom algorithms
  • Custom spreading logic and screens
  • Custom account management
  • Market data integration
  • Trade reconciliation
  • Order processing
  • Historical Analysis
  • Backtesting
  • Forward testing
  • FIX Protocol
  • C++, C#, and Java integrations, applications, and analytical programs
  • Excel integrations

Experience in both CQG technology and in the Listed Derivatives trading, clearing, and risk management results in new FINTECH initiatives with lower time to functionality and very high probability of success.