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Meet Jitesh Thakkar

Chief Architect

Jitesh Thakkar

Jitesh Thakkar

Chief Architect

Jitesh is a chief architect. Jitesh leads the firm in Capital Markets projects that range from algorithmic trading strategies, Low latency trading systems, risk management solutions and compliance systems.

Mr. Thakkar’s accomplishments include:

  • Jitesh Thakkar has 18 years of professional experience in software development. He is passionate about software development and crafting quality solutions that are built to last. Through Edge Financial Technologies, he works with banks, trading firms and asset management firms to provide software solutions that are fast, flexible and reliable.
  • Jitesh Thakkar came to the US at 13 years of age. He fell in love with computers and programming in his first few months in the US when he saw the Apple IIe in a computer lab. As a hobby and a passion, he taught himself programming. Jitesh worked several internships while attending college to pay for the education. He graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago in 1998 with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering.
  • Jitesh worked at UBS Investment bank, working with "quants" developing exotic pricing models and software tools. He joined Stafford Trading in 2001, developed order routing systems and execution management systems. Jitesh joined Trading Technologies (TT), a software platform vendor in 2003. At TT, he developed custom FIX engines, order management solutions and exchange connectivity to several exchanges; including CME Group’s iLink Order Routing System.
  • In 2007, Jitesh founded Edge Financial Technologies to help several trading firms’ transition from click trading to automated trading. In 2008-2009, Jitesh developed and optimized a custom FIX engine to meet low latency needs of several trading firms. In 2010, Jitesh and the Edge team certified a market data handler and an order routing system to connect to CME Group in under 25 microseconds.
  • Since then, Jitesh worked on several algorithmic trading strategies that include Market making,
    Trend Following, Mean Reversion, Economic event based trading, Multi-exchange spread and arbitrage, Multi-legged trading strategies. In addition to trading strategies, Jitesh has worked with firms to develop many custom solutions, including Measurement of tick to trade latency with sub microsecond accuracy, Real time risk monitoring, margin checking and back office integration, Custom order types, Custom trade identification and market change detection systems, Trade Reconciliation systems, Compliance system for several exchange and regulatory rules, Risk management and kill switch systems, Execution Management Systems,
    Smart Order Routing Systems.
  • Jitesh Thakkar was invited to and served on CFTC’s Technology Advisory Committee’s subcommittee on High Frequency Trading from 2012 to 2014.
  • Jitesh continues to work with banks, exchanges, brokerages and trading firms to provide expert guidance and technology solutions.